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Frequently Asked Questions

For importers who prefer not to engage directly with Canada Border Services (CBSA), the option of appointing a trusted Customs Broker is available. By delegating the responsibility to a Customs Broker, importers can streamline the process while ensuring adherence to CBSA regulations and achieving accuracy in the release and accounting of imported goods.


We would like to provide you with important information regarding the necessity of having an importer number for customs clearance. While it is not obligatory to possess an importer number, we strongly advise considering its acquisition for smoother operations.


For commercial importers engaged in business-related imports, having a Goods and Services Tax (GST) number is highly recommended. This GST number enables the collection and remittance of taxes. By obtaining a GST number, we can facilitate the activation of your importer number with a nominal fee, ensuring efficient customs processes.

On the other hand, for personal imports, an importer number is not required, granting flexibility for individuals engaging in such transactions.


We prioritize simplifying your customs procedures and ensuring compliance with regulations. We encourage you to evaluate the benefits of obtaining an importer number, especially if you are involved in commercial imports, as it streamlines tax collection and facilitates seamless customs clearance.


Should you have any further questions or require assistance in obtaining an importer number, our knowledgeable team is available to provide guidance and support tailored to your specific circumstances.


Certainly. When it comes to tax obligations, it is important to understand the distinction between personal importers and commercial importers.


As a personal importer, it is essential to be aware that you are liable for both Federal and Provincial taxes. Unfortunately, there is no recourse available for claiming these taxes back.


On the other hand, commercial importers are solely subject to Federal Tax. The advantage here is that commercial importers can reclaim the Federal Tax using input tax credits. It is crucial to consider these tax implications when engaging in import activities, whether as a personal importer or a commercial importer. Understanding the applicable tax requirements allows for better financial planning and compliance with relevant regulations.

Express Customs Broker is a comprehensive customs brokerage firm that provides customs clearance services at all major ports throughout Canada. We specialize in facilitating customs clearances for various modes of transportation, including truck, ocean, and air shipments. Additionally, we offer discounted customs clearance services for courier shipments, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and others.


Express Customs Broker serves as a comprehensive logistics provider, offering an array of additional services to meet your diverse needs. Our extended service offerings include:


  1. LTL and FTL Truck Freight: We provide efficient Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) freight solutions, ensuring reliable transportation for your goods.
  2. Ocean & Air Freight Forwarding: As experienced freight forwarders, we facilitate seamless transportation of your shipments via ocean and air, ensuring timely and secure delivery.
  3. Discounter Parcel Service: We offer a cost-effective parcel service for your shipping requirements, catering to both domestic and international destinations.
  4. Car Imports: Our expertise extends to handling the importation of vehicles, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and facilitating smooth processing.
  5. Customs Consulting: We provide specialized customs consulting services, assisting you with compliance, regulations, and optimizing your customs procedures.
  6. E-commerce Customs Solutions: Our dedicated e-commerce customs solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of online businesses, streamlining customs clearance processes for your international shipments.

By offering these additional services, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive and integrated logistics experience, ensuring convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind.


Express Customs Broker guarantees prompt and professional service tailored to your specific needs. We prioritize your convenience by providing timely assistance whenever required. Our pricing is highly competitive, ensuring cost-effectiveness, and we strive to simplify the entire process, making it hassle-free for you.

The timeline for customs clearance varies depending on the mode of shipment:


  1. For truck shipments, the customs clearance process is streamlined. We leverage a pre-alert system with customs, ensuring goods are cleared as the truck crosses the border. However, we are unable to initiate the customs request until we receive the PARS manifest from the transportation company.
  2. For ocean shipments, we can commence customs clearance as soon as we receive the manifest from your forwarder. However, it’s important to note that goods must physically arrive at the port, undergo de-stuffing, and be placed on the warehouse floor before customs clearance can be considered complete.
  3. Air shipments typically undergo a quicker process. With the airway bill in hand, we can initiate customs clearance procedures even before the goods become available for delivery.

These are the general procedures associated with each mode of shipment, but please note that specific timelines may vary based on individual circumstances, regulatory requirements, and any additional factors affecting the customs clearance process.


Express Customs Broker offers the flexibility of online bill payment through Interac. You can conveniently make payments by utilizing Interac and sending the payment.


The Three Vital Components of a Reliable Customs Broker: Effortless Processing, Outstanding Service Package, and Competitive Pricing

Still, our goal was to offer you even more than what was mentioned. 


We comprehend the demands of a busy life, and when it comes to importing goods, we recognize the importance of alleviating the burdensome tasks of form filling, navigating complex regulations, and engaging in time-consuming interactions with Customs. That’s precisely why we are here! What sets us apart and has made us the preferred choice among our clients as Canadian Customs brokers.


We have simplified the process of importing and clearing your goods to the utmost extent.

Regardless of whether you are importing for personal or business purposes, Express Customs Broker provides a comprehensive range of resources and assistance, all conveniently accessible in one location. Simply equip yourself with a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you’ll be prepared to proceed. Engage in real-time conversations with our knowledgeable Customs Agents or proceed directly by creating an account and submitting our user-friendly clearance form online.

Our system operates digitally, ensuring a seamless, straightforward, and expedited experience. It’s web-based, user-friendly, and swift.


Our team of customs-certified professionals will manage your imports with utmost dependability and efficiency, overseeing the entire process from start to finish. Sit back and relax while we ensure the safe arrival of your goods. Furthermore.


Who would have anticipated that the process of customs clearance could be this effortless?


Our objective is to be the customs broker that simplifies your life. With our user-friendly online system, you have the flexibility to engage us according to your needs. We cover a wide range of services, including:


Customs brokerage

Cross-border trucking

Freight forwarding

Car imports

Consultancy, and more…. Click here to explore our complete array of offerings.


Experience the benefits of instant clearance at every port in Canada.


Obsolete information may result in financial losses. Our knowledgeable and proficient customs brokers stay updated on current government policies and regulations, ensuring meticulous handling of procedures and necessary documentation. We have streamlined the potentially burdensome and time-consuming process into an effective and economical system, guaranteeing swift and dependable delivery of your products, goods, and equipment. In addition to regular shipments, we offer discounted clearance services for courier shipments (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.).


Express Customs Brokerage offers complete customs brokerage services for businesses and individuals involved in importation.


As a comprehensive logistics provider, we manage a diverse range of shipments, from smaller loads like LTL/LCL to larger ones like FTL/FCL. We assure you that you’ll never experience a more hassle-free freight forwarder and customs broker. With our extensive track record of delivering top-notch service, we provide the utmost customer satisfaction when it comes to clearing your shipment. In short, you can trust us to have your best interests at heart.


We offer guidance and support to U.S. retailers venturing into the Canadian market.


Our highly regarded customs solution for e-commerce is built upon the Canadian Non-Resident Importer Program. It delivers a cost-effective and efficient method for Canadian customers to clear goods and shipments originating from the United States. Moreover, it offers U.S. retailers a profitable avenue to expand their market share and enhance their e-commerce as well as physical sales in Canada. To find out more, simply click here.


And in case you require additional assistance, we are happy to provide you with our consultation and advisory service.


Whether you find the various tariff categories puzzling or you’re unsure about the optimal shipping method, whether you need clarity on the applicable duties and taxes for your shipment or you’re exploring business opportunities with China – We are here to provide you with comprehensive support and guidance. Express Customs Broker – Your premier customs broker and logistics provider in Canada!