Car Importing

To ensure a smooth crossing at the border, Express Customs Broker assigns an agent who will meet you personally. This dedicated agent will accompany you to the border crossing point, assisting with all necessary procedures and documentation.

For a fee of $359.99, Express Customs Broker offers a comprehensive service that handles all aspects of the task at hand.


We offer the following services:


  1. AES/ITN Number: We assists in obtaining an AES/ITN number, which is required for exporting the vehicle.
  2. Submission to Automotive Export Control: We handle the submission to the Automotive Export Control, ensuring compliance with the 72-hour notice requirement.
  3. Agent on Site at Time of Crossing:  Express Customs Broker assigns an agent who will be present on-site during the border crossing, facilitating a smooth process and addressing any concerns or issues that may arise.
  4. Preparation of Customs Release:  We prepare the necessary customs release documentation, ensuring compliance with customs regulations.
  5. Remittance of Duties & Taxes:  We takes care of remitting duties and taxes to Canada Customs on your behalf.
  6. Coordination of Border Crossing:  We coordinate the logistics and details of the border crossing, ensuring a seamless transition.
  7. Complete Customs Accounting Documentation:  Express Customs Broker handles all customs accounting documentation, ensuring accurate and thorough record-keeping.


To initiate the car import process with Express Customs Broker, you can start by availing our services for the affordable price of $359.99. We aim to provide a comprehensive solution, taking care of all the necessary steps and documentation involved in importing your vehicle.

Start your car import here Only $359.99